HAPTER XXXIII LIFE ENERGY AND THE NEUROTIC The subject of fear may be consid


ered from a somewhat different point of view, namely from a purely physiological a

nd biological aspect. The cell in general, the nerve cell, or neuron, is a res


ervoir of energy. In fact the great biologist Sachs proposed to term the cell, ene

rgid. For we must look at the organism as a store of energy which is used u


p in the course of the adjustments of the individual to his environment. The organ

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ism stores up energy and uses the energy during the course of its life activity. Life energy is physiological, bio-chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc. The mental and emotional activities are intimately related with the expenditure of energy accumulated by the cells of the organism, which discharge that energy in response to the various stimulations of the external world. In its activities the organism keeps on taking in energy, and once m

ore discharging energy in its life reactions. The storing up of energy falls under the anabolic or building up processes, while the discharging[333] or liberating processes of the amount of the stored up energy are classed under the katabolic processes. The total cycle of energy from the start of storage to the end of liberation of energy, starting once more with the storing of energy, may be regarded as the cycles of organic functional activity which is classified under metabolism. We deal here with a reservoir of vital energy whose life activities or reactions depend on the amount of energy contained in the cell or the neuron,

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